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1.       NexGen Pink & White  Fullset $40 / Fills $35

Our promise to remain innovative, NexGen brings next generation of nail enhancements to Vic’s Nails & Spa: no nail liquid, no fumes, no smell, non-yellowing, non-lifting, soaks-off (no nail damage).Wears light like gel & durable like acrylic, NexGen is a fusion of 2 nail enhancement technologies.

2.       NexGen Color Overlays Fullset $30

Yes, 3 weeks of color. No chipping, guaranteed. NexGen Colors is an alternative service to soak-off gels.

Why NexGen?

No FumesUnlike traditional nail acrylic systems, NexGen does not use monomer which produces vapors that are dangerous with side effects such as: , especially when expose to over a period of time. Some salons may advertise they use no-MMA monomers, but they still produce harmful fumes. Instead, NexGen uses a strong-bonding gel base, which produces zero fumes, eliminating the dangerous side effects of the traditional acrylic system.

No Messy LiquidsNexGen is applied with a precision brush to minimize contact with skin.

                                             No Chipping  or Breaking(3 Week Guarantee)

                                             No Yellowing (Even Tanning)

                                              Feels light like gels, but has the durability of acrylic

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